Thursday 30 April 2020

Gold broadly strong

The precious metals of Gold and Silver saw net April gains of +$97.60 (6.1%) to $1694.20, and +$0.82 (5.8%) to $14.97 respectively. S/t vulnerable, but the m/t trend remains bullish, with gold having printed an eight year high of $1788.80.

Gold, monthly1b

Silver, monthly1b


Gold: the 4th monthly gain of five, printing a high of $1788.80, the highest since Oct'2021. The April candle is rather spiky, and threatens s/t bullish exhaustion. The broadly strong USD remains a restraint on Gold. M/t bullish, as new historic highs appear probable later this year.

Silver: A net monthly gain, but broader price action remains a mess. The April candle is spiky, and leans s/t bearish.

Ongoing price action is a reminder that Gold remains superior to Silver, not least in terms of holding a 'fear bid'. Further capital market unrest could be expected to see that split widen.