Friday, 10 August 2018

Silver lower for a ninth week

The precious metals of Gold and Silver saw net weekly declines of -$4.20 (0.3%) to $1219.00, and -$0.17 (1.1%) to $15.30 respectively. Near term outlook offers further downside, not least if the USD strengthens toward DXY 100. The m/t outlook has turned very bearish, with Silver <$16s, and Gold having failed to hold the Dec'2017 low.

Gold weekly

Silver, weekly


A ninth consecutive net weekly decline for silver, the worse run in some years.
Gold settled net lower for the 12th week of 17. Cyclically, both metals are on the low side, and due a multi-week bounce. However, the m/t trend for both is bearish.

To turn provisionally bullish, I would need to see Silver >17.50, and Gold >1400. The latter looks very unlikely before year end.

The fed look set to raise rates Sept'26th and Dec'19th. Each rate hike is inherently bearish, raising the carry costs for Gold and especially Silver.

Miner implications: This week saw GDX fail to hold core support, and its reflective of m/t weakness in the precious metals.